Customize your base camp in alpha v.4

Remember that by gathering enough data you can request paint buckets and use them to customize the look of your base camp, in alpha v.4 we expanded this concept.

change light colors!

change light colors!

alpha v4 is out

Alpha v.4 is here to reinforce the direction we took when we released the expedition update a while back. Brand new places to explore, improvements to the base camp building system, 3 new arctic animals and lots of new ways to gather data make this our biggest content update to date.

Check the change-log here!

alpha v.33 GIF post

I am very proud of what we achieved with the updates we released during June, so I made this GIF post to celebrate this small victory in the development process. 

Expedition update

Our new update is finally taking shape and we are ready to talk about it. The main objective with this new patch is to give more purpose to the player’s exploration and resource management efforts. The central theme in the update will be “research expedition”, the player will be given tools to collect data about the island, he can then upload this data and get critical survival items in exchange (gun mags, med kit) OR cool items that will allow you to personalize your structures (paint buckets).

Paint buckets!

Weather monitor and ice drill!

radical visual improvements

Eta 2 more weeks

alpha v.3 changelog

-Added sled expert NPC (allows you to upgrade the sled so it goes faster)
-Metal trader NPC
-Med kit trader NPC
-Fisherman NPC (trades fish in exchange of some items).
-Settler NPC (gives you free food every once in a while)
-Hunter’s drink NPC (allows you to spot nearby animals)
-Shaman NPC (helps the ecosystem)

-Every structure’s 3d model has been made from scratch!
-Small settlements must now be placed close to an antenna
-animated flag on some structures
-New villagers design
-Wood and metal collection resource structures changed, new gameplay mechanics introduced.
-you can now upgrade wood collection structures!
-Added new sound and movement fx when placing buildings.
-Added light fx when interacting with the workshop/clinic/armory villager
-Added light post
-Added forest ranger structure
-Added small tnt trap that lasts about 3 minutes, it will detonate when an animal is close enough. Useful when hunting big predators.
-Removed armory and clinic, now you can craft those vital items in any Research Center.

-Not having the required items for a storm will no longer send you to the main menu, instead it will set you back 3 days.
-Fixed storms taking away more resources than what they demand.
-Added storm wind/blizzard particle FX

-The ecosystem’s health does not longer affect the amount of animals that can spawn, but rather the amount of meat you get from each animal.
-Every time you send a villager on a hunting trip, to collect wood or when one of your traps catches an animal the ecosystem will be hurt.
-Every time you kill an animal you can see the current ecosystem stats.
-Introduced forest ranger structure which has a positive impact on the ecosystem’s health every day.

Co-op changes/fixes
-Fixed join game UI problem with low resolutions.
-Fixed lynx animation bug on P2 game.
-Fixed time synching issue.
-Fixed health/damage issue where player 1 was taking the hits received by player 2.
-Fixed game freezing bug when player 2 was attacked by predators.
-Fixed bear position synching bug (bears were not showing on P2’s game)
-Player 2 dogs have different colors and no names.
-Player 2 spawns with lots of ammo.
-Fixed game crashing when a predator detects a bow or rifle shot.

-bow shot wind trace fx
-rifle shot sparks fx
-added wind particle fx
-The sled now has a light that turns on when it’s very dark.
-Improved sled rotation speed and controls.
-Increased wind turbulence on trees
-Added small intro when starting a new game
-New main menu design
-New camera color grading
-Building process small glitch fixed (the arrow was twitching for about .2 seconds every time you placed a new structure)
-Gun upgrades also add extra visual fx to gun and bow shots.
-Soft shadows (functional in high, very high, ultra high and max settings)

-90% of the in-game icon have been replaced
-Most of the UI was designed from scratch, new color scheme and structure.