Update on progress (screenshots post)

The feb update is taking shape, and so far it looks like this will be a great update, below some screenshots of what you should expect. 

(notice the small radio on the backpack?) we are adding village and rescue missions!

(notice the small radio on the backpack?) we are adding village and rescue missions!


-Use "jump button" (space bar) to change between 3rd and first person while using your sled.

-Fixed animals dissapearing when using your sled.

-Change UI box color to a light yellow so text can be easily read.

-Changed sled whislte sound fx volume (lowered)

-New animated waypoint 3d model

-Changed flashlight color from an intense yellow to white.

-Tweaks to the menu scene and UI.

alpha V.222


  • Village structures 3d models improved.
  • Villagers now look at you when you interact with them.
  • Replace metal gatherer with “metal drill”, they must be placed close to a mineral source. 
  • Added lots of details to the map including small icebergs, small islands with villagers to recruit.
  • Improved terrain textures.
  • Improved trees
  • Improved animal obstacle avoidance.
  • Berries now have to found in the map.
  • In order to increase village population you must find new villagers scattered around the map. 
  • Sled camera moved to 3rd person.
  • Kayak camera moved to 3rd person.
  • Kakay paddle sound fx.
  • Modified rifle 3d model and reload animation.

-Improved ambient occlusion.

-Improved day/night transition colors.


-Dogs disappearing in irregular terrain.

-Scrolling through guns and compass UI bug.

-Building food storage distance issue.

Plans for alpha v.222


We want this update to be ready before the end of january, below are some of the ideas/elements that will make their way into the game with alpha v.222

-Recruit more villagers by finding small camps with survivors spread across the map, these survivors will join your village in exchange of food.

-Berries (used to craft medpack) will now grow on bushes and you will have to find these by exploring the map. 

-Metal gathering: to gather metal you will now have to find a source of minerals (huge rocks), and then you must build metal gatherers (small drills).

-Find blueprints scattered around the island so you can research advanced resource gathering structures (solar panels, Saw lumber mills, huge mining drills)

-Coop: being able to drop raw meat, water, matches. 

-Coop: Player 2 will be able to store food for incoming storms. 


alpha v.221


-No longer perma-death, you can load your last save file even after getting killed

-New village structures design and look

-New "Dynamic" building process

-Terrain and trees optimization

-Structures polygon and object count optimization.

-New and improved anti-aliasing (SSAA) 

-Fixed energy gen/metal gatherer/ lumber mill structure resource check

-Fixed wolf, lion, lynx and bear "hitbox" not working when shooting them from a very close distance.

-Changed mid day sky look and colors.

Happy holidays! (screenshots of the mini holiday update)

Thanks to all the players who have accompanied us in the development of Eternal Winter, thanks for your patience and support!, we wish you the best for 2017! We will keep doing our best to improve as developers and to bring valuable content into the game in this coming year.