The progress on our next massive update

There's a ton of stuff coming for Eternal Winter, these past two months have been full of progress and great ideas. The next update should be ready by mid April, everything game play related is pretty much done but we still need to work on the map and exploration worthy content.

Below I'll share SOME of the current change log and screenshots.


-Added sled expert NPC (allows you to upgrade the sled so it goes faster)
-Metal trader NPC
-Med kit trader NPC
-Fisherman NPC (trades fish in exchange of some items).
-Settler NPC (gives you free food every once in a while)
-Every structure’s 3d model has been made from scratch!
-animated flag on some structures
-New villagers design
-Wood and metal collection resource structures changed, new gameplay mechanics introduced.
-you can now upgrade wood collection structures!
-Added new sound and movement fx when placing buildings.
-Added light fx when interacting with the workshop/clinic/armory villager
-Added light post
-Added forest ranger structure
-Added small tnt trap that lasts about 3 minutes, it will detonate when an animal is close enough. Useful when hunting big predators.
-Not having the required items for a storm will no longer send you to the main menu, instead it will set you back 3 days.
-Fixed storms taking away more resources than what they demand.
-Added storm wind/blizzard particle FX
-The ecosystem’s health does not longer affect the amount of animals that can spawn, but rather the amount of meat you get from each animal.
-Every time you send a villager on a hunting trip, to collect wood or when one of your traps catches an animal the ecosystem will be hurt.
-Every time you kill an animal you can see the current ecosystem stats.
-Introduced forest ranger structure which has a positive impact on the ecosystem’s health every day.