Sunday dev log #3

Yesterday we released an update  (alpha v.44), so the Sunday dev log today will be the change log and some GIFs.

Change log:
-additions and improvements to the map
-added iceberg climbing system, 3 climbing spots, more to come.


-added kayak water trail fx 


-new sled camera angle/distance option


-New UI color scheme


-lots of material and color changes to:
The boat
The sled
Expedition member's outfit

-building process animations when placing a new structure adjusted.
-smaller lumber hut and hardware welder structure size.
-larger particle fx when placing a large structure.
-small UI adjustments to increase contrast in the inventory.
-New UI color scheme.
-decreased camera clipping issues when you are on the coastline or very far from the center of the island.

Sunday dev log #2

This is what we have been up to

Iceberg climbing system: basically this will be the only way to explore icebergs, we will add more loot and rewards to icebergs/glaciers so every climb is worth it. This feature will be ready very very soon.


Kayak water trail


Map work: we continue working on the map, some new locations and improvements will come along with the next update.



Small UI adjustments to the main menu, inventory and more.


Sunday dev log #1

Welcome to the first Sunday dev log! I’ll do my best to post about our progress every Sunday.

This is some of the stuff we are working on


One of the main issues we have been tackling these last couples of weeks is exploration content, we are already planning and working on lore related locations and items, and we are also improving the map’s structure and filling some empty spaces.



 Fishing is coming back,! there will be lots of fishing spots spread across the map. You will be able to fish twice a day on the same spot.


Color grading

The game’s color grading system is being tweaked a little towards a more colorful/saturated look.


Starting zone

We are adding more details and props to the starting zone



Fixes we are working on:

-recruitment system issues.

-scanner UI not closing when you open your inventory.

-scanner camera sd items issue.


all these changes are coming before October 7.