-Ecosystem health: now you must balance which animals and how many you kill, because over-killing, traps, and lumber mills slowly drain the ecosystem’s health. A healthier ecosystem means a higher animal spawn rate. You can also boost the ecosystem’s health by helping injured animals or controlling the predator’s population.

You can access the ecosystem’s stats and info from your inventory.

-Animal ai: now deers, lions, boars and owls can hear gun/bow shots and react to them (either run or attack you).

-Tons of natural (caves, cliffs, frozen ponds, etc) additions to the map.

-Increased # of animals.

-Storms date and resources requirements are now generated randomly.

-New animals: mountain lion and owl.

-Villagers visuals: New details to the structures and villagers NPCS.

-Energy generators now use wind power and can be placed anywhere.

-Building distance restriction so structures will not get cluttered or spawn over one another.

-Improved sled physics.

-Improved sled dog’s textures.

-Added snow particles while dogs are running.

-improved shadow render and shadow distance, improved color correction.

-You can now start a coop game from the pause menu.

-increased bow reload speed

-Many systems were optimized resulting in a significant frame rate improvement.

-fixed trap distance workaround.

-The green house was nerfed. It now produces half the food