Alpha v.2

After weeks of hard work we finally have a new update ready, and this one is very very special.  We changed and introduced tons of stuff into the game but below are the major ones.

UI inventory

-Completely revamped inventory UI

-Revamped crafting, cooking, dog interaction menus

-New status UI (health,etc)

-Danger icon when predators are attacking you

-New loading bars

-Added “record” element to the main menu, this will show your longest day run on the game.


3 new “lodge” like structures which contain drinkable buffs

-Increase sled speed

-Increase damage

 -Increase amount of meat collected from dead animals

Village structures

-Visual changes to every structure, also optimized so a high number of structures will not affect the frame rate.

-New “map pin” a waypoint flag which you can rename and will show up on your map

-Structures now spawn instantly..

-Food storage now requires 2 raw meat steaks to pack a food crate.

Storm changes

-Increased resources requirements

-Decreased random range of days between storms


-Added raccoon

-Added health bar to predators.

Terrain / visuals

-Added normal maps, snow now looks better

-Tweaked day colors

-Removed ugly ruins

Co-op bugs and optimization

Fixed animals position and states not synching in coop mode.

Fixed pausing the game while on the sled camera problem