alpha. 151a

well after many all-nighters i can finally rest and get some proper sleep because .151 is finally kind of playable.

Tomorrow I will start working a little on the marketing side of the update, I will send some emails to youtubers and hope they are interested in promoting the game.

So back to the main topic..... .151 was released with a ton of small problems, and some game breaking problems, but now most of them have been fixed thanks to .151a

small changelog

-Fixed white dog issues

-Fixed some small saving issues that affected different structures

-Fixed "ESC" key menu's related problems

-New hands that go with the theme of the game!

-Finally fixed the health bars icons issues with the dogs (they were showing a food icon before)

-Fixed glitchy looking storm info menu.

-Fixed animal's icons/indicators problem.

-Fixed bed in the starting cabin.

Good night