What's coming in february

After not doing anything productive for the last 2 days other than sketching some ideas its time to get back into the ring. I have some very interesting things planned for Eternal Winter. 

So what do you have planned for us claudio?

Improved storm system:

I want to work on the current storm system, my main goal is to make it more dynamic and interesting.

New way of moving between islands

everyone needs a boat... enough said

Interactions with the villagers

I cannot promise that they will be useful interactions, but at least they will add a little bit of life to those ugly and useless villagers you are supposed to feed and take care of. 

Bug fixes:

I will tackle as many bugs as possible 

including the one below

Annoying game breaking bug

Frustration is the perfect word to describe what it feels like to have users reporting and posting pictures of a bug you have no idea of how to emulate. Some people are having this weird issue with the game where they are literally transported high in the sky overlooking the entire map of the game and then the auto-save feature kicks in, so its a game breaking bug. If you are having this issue please send me an email with all the details.

on a positive note one guy made a floating city...

photo by steam user:  "Bender the Robot"