Hello my name is Claudio and I am the guy behind Eternal Winter.

You probably know nothing about the guy behind Eternal Winter, most likely because not a lot of people know about the game. But that will change in 2016. Looking back on the development of the game during its first year I feel a little ashamed of the amount of mistakes I made when it comes to game development, community management and staying in contact with the players. But great news guys, with so many industry and life lessons learned in the past year I am feeling confident about 2016.  

Why am I starting a blog?

reason 1 : I feel it can be productive and rewarding to share bits of my life and my work online. 

reason 2: Keeping track of my projects, mainly Eternal Winter, this will also allow the players to take a better look at how the development of the game is going.

reason 3: blogs can be very cool and even though I suck at writing I am willing to give it a shot.

So welcome.. lets see how this goes.