alpha .151

I dedicated a massive amount of time, effort and caffeine to this update. I wanted .151 to change the entire look and feel of the game, I wanted it to give the game a definite direction. And I think that thanks to .151 I finally know where this game should go and what its goal should be. 

So what's new?

-General design: I worked a ton of the way the game looks, from trees to color correction on the main camera,  tons of new assets that make the map a nicer place to explore, I even added cables to the sled so it does not look so weird when the dogs are pulling it. I think Eternal Winter is starting to look very good.

-Islands: Using many medium sized islands instead of a huge one is in my opinion giving me as a developer tons of different ways to implement different gameplay ideas, its giving the players a map that feels more dynamic and interesting. I have many things planned that revolve around this new way of exploring and traveling around the map.

note: the changing set of islands system is still not implemented into the game but its already working, we just need more content for the new islands in order to release it.

-Trade: You can now find small villages and trade your valuable resources for different important and kind of hard to get items. `sidetone: you cannot kill them 

-Watchtowers: this new structure will let you check nearby animals by clicking on the watchtower’s icon from your map.

-Building changes: Now besides requiring basic resources such as wood and metal, you will also need to have available villagers to operate the structures you wish to build. To invite more survivors and be able to keep expanding you village you can talk to the radio guy in your starting zone and he will send out a message to nearby survivors.

Fixes: many many fixes, including the constant mouse issues, problems with the menus, and saving issues.