New game mode coming...important to Co-op

So what is next for Eternal Winter?

Well .152 has been up for a few days offering lots of new stuff. But if I want to launch a full release in 2016 I will have to start being more aggressive with each update. This is what is coming next, around early may.

edit: early may 

New game mode coming

This new game mode will have the same basic game-play mechanics, you will have a dog sled team, a village to take care of and incoming storms that will require you to collect resources and plan ahead. However realism and technology will be greatly reduced, for this game mode will be based on inuit mythology and shamanism.  So below are some key points about what I have planned.

-You will have spiritual energy and abilities.

-Spiritual energy will be obtained by honoring/helping spirits.

-Besides hostile animals, hostile spirits will also try to kill, you can only fight them with spiritual energy.

-You will have a bow and a melee weapon but no guns.

-This village will not use technology as much,  and their structures and functions will reflect this.  However where they lack technology they have a strong connection with mother nature and spirits.

-Same map, but different locations/things to explore.

So why is this important to peopla waiting for the co-op mode?

Because this game mode will be built from the ground up to support multiplayer, so a few weeks after this game mode is launched co-op will also be launched. I will also start implementing the Steamworks SDK into the project so things like leaderboards, achievements and multiplayer become possible through Steam

In conclusion

This will make Eternal Winter a survival game with a lot to offer its player, 2 game modes that while very similar provide distinct gameplay experiences. And an incoming co-op mode.