March 6, 2016

Hey its been a long time.

Lets get straight to whats going on with Eternal Winter.

-bye bye ice bridges, welcome large mass of ice

This was a hard choice to take, I wanted to change the way the player travels between islands and my main option was to implement a boat, I had though about using a frozen lake/mass of water before but the boat idea just sounded cooler in my head.  But then steam user "Zothen" explained to me something very important about my game, and that is how important the sled is as the main vehicle/tool in the game, and how a boat could render the sled pointless or out of place in the game's world. Also I am filling this huge mass of ice with polar bears, penguins, and loot. So its going to be a very nice addition.

Talk to villagers

If you interact with them the will give you tips, talk about their feelings and say useless things. The system is pretty basic right now but maybe later on it can turn into a dialogue mechanic.

-Building/Village management

Many many changes to the way you are supposed to manage and take care of your village. The main objective of these tweaks is so that you feel the need to take care of each individual structure and this way they will stop being placeholders that just represent variables and actions. In order to achieve this I am also balancing other gameplay mechanics. 

-Also working on fixes and improvements for the storm system.

-working on fixes for people playing in lower resolutions and having text problems.

its almost ready.