The state of Eternal Winter

So how is the development going?

Its been  almost 3 months since the last update. But make no mistake we have been working on this game more than ever. But why are we taking so long? Well to be honest it has a lot to do with this user’s review of the game.

The game was indeed a mess. And back in the beginning of April we set out on a mission to fix this mess once and for all, because we knew we could do much better as developers. We know we have been silent for too long but trust us… the wait and silence will be worth it because we will deliver a good quality game with a clear direction.

Remember we are also working on the co-op portion of the game? Well that forced us to pretty much revisit and rework every single gameplay mechanic in the game. And that is probably the best thing that ever happened to Eternal Winter because we were able basically “redoing” this game, and the results are noticeable.

Unity 2016-06-16 01-56-05-06.png

This is some of the stuff that’s coming on the new update on late July (ETA July 20)

-2 player Co-op mode (yes this is finally happening!)

-Redone village management mechanics

-Redone resource gathering mechanics

-Radically improved building system

-Improved storms mechanics

-Radically improved visuals/graphics

-Huge improvement on optimization

-Hostile villages/NPCs

-Survivors to rescue and recruit for your village

-huge much more detailed map

-Improved UI

-gameplay balancing both in the easier and harder directions to things like

                Sled speed/ dogs endurance

                Storms resources requirements

                Animals meat drop


-No more “water is lava”

I truly believe we are making something special with this new update,. We have much of the things listed above ready but we still need to finish the map and some aspects of the co-op mode, we also want to intensely test the everything ahead of releasing the build. So keep an eye on the game because once this update is out I can assure you will want to recommend Eternal Winter to your friends so you can enjoy it together. 

I'll be posting more about the update on twitter: @cnorori95