September update

This is all coming September 27

-“re skinning most of the game”

We are replacing about 80% of the 3d models used in the village (buildable structures), we are also replacing every 3d model and introducing a new style in the ruins and locations spread across the map. This is a way to getthe game ready for the backstory/lore we wish to tell. Eternal Winter will no be based on our reality, it will tell the story of a different human civilization.

-New hostile enemy

The bandits just don't fit in what we are trying to achieve as developers with Eternal Winter, they will be removed and a new kind of enemy will take its place (no zombies or white walkers ).

-Coop build together

Now player 2 will be able to build some of the critical structures in the game, this includes the lumber mill, metal gatherer and traps.

-New stuff you can build

At the moment we will let you know that fishing huts are coming to your village. 

-Get extra lives

An altar where you can get extra lives by finding the right items is making its way into the game, however if you die and no extra lives are available its permadeath game over. 

-Detailed help menu

This help menu will cover the critical aspects of the game including village management, storms, coop, dog sled and more.

-Storms are getting harder to survive and building will demand more resources. 

-Huge frame rate improvements