Plans for alpha v.222


We want this update to be ready before the end of january, below are some of the ideas/elements that will make their way into the game with alpha v.222

-Recruit more villagers by finding small camps with survivors spread across the map, these survivors will join your village in exchange of food.

-Berries (used to craft medpack) will now grow on bushes and you will have to find these by exploring the map. 

-Metal gathering: to gather metal you will now have to find a source of minerals (huge rocks), and then you must build metal gatherers (small drills).

-Find blueprints scattered around the island so you can research advanced resource gathering structures (solar panels, Saw lumber mills, huge mining drills)

-Coop: being able to drop raw meat, water, matches. 

-Coop: Player 2 will be able to store food for incoming storms.