alpha V.222


  • Village structures 3d models improved.
  • Villagers now look at you when you interact with them.
  • Replace metal gatherer with “metal drill”, they must be placed close to a mineral source. 
  • Added lots of details to the map including small icebergs, small islands with villagers to recruit.
  • Improved terrain textures.
  • Improved trees
  • Improved animal obstacle avoidance.
  • Berries now have to found in the map.
  • In order to increase village population you must find new villagers scattered around the map. 
  • Sled camera moved to 3rd person.
  • Kayak camera moved to 3rd person.
  • Kakay paddle sound fx.
  • Modified rifle 3d model and reload animation.

-Improved ambient occlusion.

-Improved day/night transition colors.


-Dogs disappearing in irregular terrain.

-Scrolling through guns and compass UI bug.

-Building food storage distance issue.