alpha v.3 changelog

-Added sled expert NPC (allows you to upgrade the sled so it goes faster)
-Metal trader NPC
-Med kit trader NPC
-Fisherman NPC (trades fish in exchange of some items).
-Settler NPC (gives you free food every once in a while)
-Hunter’s drink NPC (allows you to spot nearby animals)
-Shaman NPC (helps the ecosystem)

-Every structure’s 3d model has been made from scratch!
-Small settlements must now be placed close to an antenna
-animated flag on some structures
-New villagers design
-Wood and metal collection resource structures changed, new gameplay mechanics introduced.
-you can now upgrade wood collection structures!
-Added new sound and movement fx when placing buildings.
-Added light fx when interacting with the workshop/clinic/armory villager
-Added light post
-Added forest ranger structure
-Added small tnt trap that lasts about 3 minutes, it will detonate when an animal is close enough. Useful when hunting big predators.
-Removed armory and clinic, now you can craft those vital items in any Research Center.

-Not having the required items for a storm will no longer send you to the main menu, instead it will set you back 3 days.
-Fixed storms taking away more resources than what they demand.
-Added storm wind/blizzard particle FX

-The ecosystem’s health does not longer affect the amount of animals that can spawn, but rather the amount of meat you get from each animal.
-Every time you send a villager on a hunting trip, to collect wood or when one of your traps catches an animal the ecosystem will be hurt.
-Every time you kill an animal you can see the current ecosystem stats.
-Introduced forest ranger structure which has a positive impact on the ecosystem’s health every day.

Co-op changes/fixes
-Fixed join game UI problem with low resolutions.
-Fixed lynx animation bug on P2 game.
-Fixed time synching issue.
-Fixed health/damage issue where player 1 was taking the hits received by player 2.
-Fixed game freezing bug when player 2 was attacked by predators.
-Fixed bear position synching bug (bears were not showing on P2’s game)
-Player 2 dogs have different colors and no names.
-Player 2 spawns with lots of ammo.
-Fixed game crashing when a predator detects a bow or rifle shot.

-bow shot wind trace fx
-rifle shot sparks fx
-added wind particle fx
-The sled now has a light that turns on when it’s very dark.
-Improved sled rotation speed and controls.
-Increased wind turbulence on trees
-Added small intro when starting a new game
-New main menu design
-New camera color grading
-Building process small glitch fixed (the arrow was twitching for about .2 seconds every time you placed a new structure)
-Gun upgrades also add extra visual fx to gun and bow shots.
-Soft shadows (functional in high, very high, ultra high and max settings)

-90% of the in-game icon have been replaced
-Most of the UI was designed from scratch, new color scheme and structure.